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This candle marks the first collaboration between Yugoexport and Malte van der Meyden. In Irena Haiduk's work By Candlelight (2020), the candle is off-white, standing on six mirror wall candelabra designed by Yugoexport. Each of these mirror candelabra are lit by a piece of debris from the fire that set Notre-Dame de Paris in April 2019 ablaze. The work keeps that fire alive. The candle is also available here,  reproduced in peachy pink.  It serves as an oral prop for the artwork.
All Yugoexport items are priced based on your income. If you live month to month with very little extra income select LOWER, if you own your home and have vacations select MIDDLE, and if you have lots of disposable funds and do not worry about income select UPPER. After subtracting the production cost Yugoexport and Malte van der Meyden share the remaining profits. Yugoexport uses all profits to fund father research demonstrating  how to surround your self with things in the right way.


Canola wax cast, sand, cotton

Measurments: Approx. 17 cm , ø 5 cm 

Comes in a dust bag.


Slight variations in size, shape and colour may occur.